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a value-oriented investment firm

Founded in 2008, iolite makes investments in mostly public companies with significant unrecognized value. iolite applies an opportunistic, research-driven process that combines the best elements of private equity and public market investing.

iolite serves a select circle of private and institutional clients who share an entrepreneurial mindset, are willing to invest for the long-term, and who would like to have first-hand access to a dedicated portfolio manager with substantial and meaningful skin in the game.


iolite - gemstone
  1. No management fee: pay nothing until annual performance exceeds 4%

  2. Full alignment of interests: the portfolio manager has substantial and meaningful skin in the game

  3. Time-tested investment strategy: value investing is a lower risk, higher return strategy proven to work well over time

  4. Educated and experienced manager: invest with someone who was trained to beat the market and has done so in the past


best of private equity and public market investing

The goal is to achieve market-beating returns by investing into a highly concentrated portfolio of what iolite believes are good businesses at attractive valuations for long term owners.

The approach is highly opportunistic and focuses on individual companies where the portfolio manager seeks to apply his expertise, temperament, and a multi-year outlook.

iolite benefits from a stable and patient capital base and investors consider themselves partners who share the same entrepreneurial mindset and values. This allows us to pursue unique opportunities together and to swim against the tide.


iolite - the Viking's compass

Robert Leitz is iolite’s sole investment professional. Before iolite, he held positions at Glencore and various financial institutions, including TPG Credit (a hedge fund), Goldman Sachs' European Special Situations Group, and KPMG Corporate Restructuring.

Robert graduated from the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland, with a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics, and wrote his master's thesis under the guidance of Prof. Eli Noam at Columbia University, New York.


EO Zürich - Entrepreneurs’ Organization
MOI - Mannual of Ideas
Good Investing Plus


John Mihaljevic

"We bring you exclusive insights from Europe's most thoughtful investors, including Robert Leitz (iolite), Howard Marks (Oaktree), Guy Spier (Aquamarine), and many more!"

John Mihaljevic

Chairman, MOI Global

"Thank you, Robert, for all that you have done for my family.
I cannot tell you how grateful we are."


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