Robert Leitz


is the sole owner of and sole investment professional at iolite. Before iolite, he held positions at Glencore (the world’s largest commodity trader) and various financial institutions, including TPG Credit (a hedge fund), Goldman Sachs’ European Special Situations Group, and KPMG Corporate Restructuring. Robert graduated from the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland, with a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics, and wrote his master’s thesis under the guidance of Prof. Eli Noam at Columbia University, New York.

What sets Robert apart from the crowd:

  • Trained at top-tier hedge funds that invested across the capital structure in complex situations, including debt-control transactions and the acquisition of non-performing corporate loan portfolios

  • Passionate about investing – it’s his calling, not just a job

  • Tries to keep complexity low and sticks to time-tested strategies

  • A natural contrarian and independent thinker

  • Not the most eloquent, authoritative and quick-witted person, but believes the depth and breadth of his analytical thinking sets him apart

  • Has substantially outperformed the market since starting iolite 12 years ago









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