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Opterion: a disruptive dialysis treatment

Opterion Health AG, based in Muttenz, Switzerland, is developing a highly disruptive dialysis / end stage kidney disease treatment likely to revolutionize the market and improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients.

The development risk is low, given the nature of the active ingredients, and animal studies have shown the superiority of the Opterion PD solution over the "gold standard" of the current market leader.

Chronic kidney disease is a significant health issue, affecting millions of people. The rising incidence of conditions like diabetes and hypertension contributes to the growth of kidney disease cases globally. Treating chronic kidney disease in the USA consumes around $25 billion annually and around 7% of the U.S. Medicare budget. The U.S. and European markets are currently controlled by just 3 players.

On September 20, 2003, Robert Leitz joined Opterion Health AG's board of directors following the company's successful and oversubscribed financing round to fund Phase I and Phase IIa studies.

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